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How To Get Started With Yoga Nidra

How to do YOGASANAS IMPORTANT & RULES 2020 in English


             YOGASANAS 2020  

Yogasanas are simple actions for keeping the internal and external parts of the body in good health. 


The reasons why Yogasanas have a preference over other systems of physical exercise are enumerated below.

1) only a small airy place and few equipment are required for practising Yogasanas.

2) Yogasanas have a greater impact on the mind and the senses than other physical exercises with the result that Yogasanas help to develop one's physical and mental powers to calm the mind and to control the senses.

3) There is sufficient elimination of school and other waste matter from the body through Yogasanas and hence the body has more Power of resistance to keep diseases away.

4) The blood in the different blood vessels is purified through Yogasanas.

5) Youth and health depend upon the flexibility of the spinal cord. Yogasanas keep the spinal cord flexible.

6)  One who practices Yogasanas becomes a morally good person.

7) Yogasanas stimulate different glands of the body. These stimulated glands produce secretions in proper proportion,which having mixed with blood, help the body acquire a well-balanced growth.

8) Yogasanas make possible not only physical and mental development but also intellectual and spiritual development.

9) Yogasanas strengthen and tone up heart and the nervous system, besides lending equanimity and equilibrium to one's mind.

10) One can get rid of physical impurities through regular Yogasanas, and remains happy and calm.

11) In others systeams of physical exercise, the internal organs of the body do not get proper exercise, while Yogasana give sufficient exercise to the internal organs of the body. Consequently, an individual can maintain good health and loglyvity of life.

12) Two or more individuals are required in other games , while Yoga is a solo- practice.

13) The practice of Yogasanas is not expensive as the one practising Yogasanas, needs no additional food.

14) The body becomes flexible by Yogasanas and at the same time it becomes active with an increased ability for doing any activity. one who performs Yogasanas looks younger in age .

15) The power ofcontraction and expansion of lungs is increased by practising Yogasanas and Pranayam. This results in the purification of blood to a greater extent.

16) Yogasanas require the least possible use of physical energy . As a result, one feels less tired . This is the reason why Yogasanas are called a 'non-violent activity'.

17) Yogasanas help the mind experience tranquility. There is progressive intellectual development because of the calm mind.

18) Diseases like constipation, gastric-trouble , diabetes, blood pressure, harnia, headache, etc. can be cured by practicing Yogasanas and Pranayam.

19) There is no restriction of age and sex for Yogasana aspirants. Our ancient sages had adopted this system for thousands of years with the result that they enjoyed sound health for a long time.

20) Yogasanas render relaxation to the body and the mind. The sense of deep restfulness is greater through properly done Shavasana than one may get from sleep.


A) The ground for practising Yogasanas should be level , clean, ventilated, well- lighted and free from noise. Asanas should be performed on a mat or a carpet.

B) It is necessary to be serene and calm at the time of Yogasanas.

C) Clothing should be in accordance with the season. Men should wear a loincloth or shorts . Women should wear a loose blouse and strech pants .

D) Before one begins to practise others Yogasanas, one should perform Shavasana in order to make breathing normal, and the body and the mind tranquil.

E) Yogasana is a non- violent activity and therefore no force or jerk should be exerted in the practice of Yogasanas.

F) The performer of Yogasanas should take light food in order to keep the body light.

G) Haste or quickness in coming to the final pasition from the initial position and vice versa should be avoided.

H) Perform Shalabhasana after Yogasanas. Shavasana is a complete asana. The body gets relaxed quickly and energy flows in the body.

I) If you feel your body light, feel no fatigue and feel on increase in energy, you should understand that you are deriving all the benifits.

J) Natural pressures , such as urination or defecation, should not be suppressed before, during or after the Yogasanas.

K) If for any reason, Yogic exercises are resumed after a hiatus, one should begin with light exercise before gradually picking up the momentum.

L) Repose faith in the Yogaic exercises.

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