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Best 4 Yoga Poses For Beginners

The 4 Best Yoga Poses For Beginners


This asana gives sufficient exercise to the abdominal muscles. This asana is to be performed with one leg at a time and then changing it to the other leg.



Lie on the back. Keep the heels together.

Put the hands on the floor by the side of the body. Stretch one of the feet forward and loosen the other leg.

Inhale slowly. Slowly lift the right leg up.

 Hold the breath.

Remain in this position for eight to ten seconds. Then slowly lower the leg without jerk and exhale.

Take rest for eight to ten seconds and practice this exercise with the other leg.

In the beginning, this asana should be practised four times with each leg. After practice, one can practise this asana seven times with each leg. This asana, being easy, should be performed regularly by a student of Yoga.


This asana relieves stomach pains and tones up the liver , the spleen and the kidneys.

It cures indigestion, gas -trouble and intestinal disorders.

 It reduces abdominal obesity.

 It relieves pain during menstrual periods.

It removes swelling in the legs, tones up the blood circulation in the legs and relieves pain in the knees and the lower parts of the legs.

It has a beneficial effect on the upper part of the body. It strengthens the lungs.


This asana is very useful for removing the excess fat of the body. It is like Ekapada Uttanasana with the variation that in UTTANAPADADAMA both the legs are to be lifted and lowered together.


Lie flat on the back.

Keep the arms by the side of the body.

Keep the heels and the feet together.

 Inhale slowly. Then lift the legs up slowly.

Retain this position for eight to ten seconds. Hold the breath.

Bring the legs slowly down on the floor. Exhale.

Take rest for eight to ten seconds and repeat the same. In the beginning, practise this asana five times a day and gradually increase it to six or seven times a day.


This asana gives sufficient exercise to every muscle of the abdomen. The abdominal muscles are strengthened and the digestive system functions efficiently.

 It tones up the pancreas and alleviates indigestion and constipation.

This asana reduces the for in the body.

This asana is beneficial to those who suffer from backache and pains of the loins and thighs. Moreover, it is a boon to those who suffer from the discomfort caused by intestinal worms.

 It rejuvenates the spinal nerves and the brain cells, strengthens the muscles and activates them .

This asana undoubtedly helps in curing piles in the early stage.

 This asana cures hiccups, pain in the thighs, and disease caused by gastrc - troubles.

It is an introduction to Sarvangasana.

By massaging the internal organs of the abdomen intestines, pancreas, liver and spleen, this asana keeps them in good condition.

This asana removes the excessive fat on the abdomen and the thighs.


In the final stage of this asana the body resembles a boat, hence , it is called Naukasana.

 How to do Naukasana

Keep the legs together,lie flat on the back. Both the hands will touch the body and the palms will face the ground.

Lift slowly both the legs together, life the torso , head and hands too.

 The whole weight of the body will be equally supported by the lower parts of the waist and the upper part of the buttocks.

Hold yourself in this position for fifteen to twenty seconds.

Return gradually to the original position.


As the abdominal muscles are fully massaged, for does not get deposited, and persons with paunch , will find it disappear in due course of time.

Sluggishness of the stomach after pregnancy in women, can be cured through the practice of this asana.

Digestive system gets efficient.

Viparit Naukasana

When Naukasana is performed by lying on the stomach it is called Viparit Naukasana. The technique of performing this asana and it's benefits are explained below along with its picture.

How to do Viparit Naukasana

Lie on the stomach

Relax the chin slowly

Stretch the hands with the hands touching the ears.

Exercising pressure on the muscles of the stomach and the waist, raise the body above the navel from the ground.

 Lift both the legs in unison from the thighs.

Only the stomach will remain in contact with the ground.

 Breathe slowly and rhythmically. Initially go through the complete process three times for 12 seconds each. Go through the whole process once only if you can remain in the position for thirty seconds to a minute.


This asana being about improvement in the digestive system.

It is very beneficial for the kidney.

It is beneficial for the diabetics.

Pregnant women should not do Naukasana and Viparit Naukasana.

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