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how to do tolangulasana

When this asana is performed, the physique tokes the form of scales. So, it is referred to as TOLANGLASANA.

How to do Tolanglasana

Lie with the foot-lock as in Padmasana. Place your hands, arms upward, beneath the center phase of the hips.

If it is tough to vicinity the arms beneath the hips, elevate the physique up with the assist of the elbows and rest. Thus, the physique will stay supported on the elbows and the hips .

Hold the breath as lengthy as possible. Then exhale slowly.

Keep the eyes open and the physique stretched. Breathe normally.

Bend the neck ahead and repair the eyes on the navel

Retain the posture for half of a minute to commence with, and progressively, however pretty slowly, enlarge the duration, most to three minutes relying on character age, energy and benifits desired. Practise this asana 5 to ten times.

BENEFIT there are many advantages of TOLANGLASANA. Few of them are as follows -

This asana relieves foul gases amassed in the stomach.

This asana makes the vertebral column elastic and flexible.

The belly anxiety pushes down all faecal count to give up of the passage of the colon.

It stimulates blood circulation in the muscle tissue and the nerves of palms and the fingers which are by the way toned up and strengthened.

It strengthens and enlarges the rib-box.

I will increase the elasticity of the backbone and tones up the worried system.

It remedies disorder such as constipation, dysentery, asthma, tuberculosis and diabetes.

The steady exercise of this asana improves the functioning of the soundbox and brings melody to the voice. It improves the eyesight.

It remedies the swelling in the thighs and strengthens the loins.

One expriences the sparkling drift of power and vitality in the palms and the shoulders.

This asana will increase the elasticity and flexibility of the body.


Matsyasana is regarded amongst humans as Fish Pose. It is typically viewed as a counterasana to Sarvangasana. The special identify of this specific asana is generally received from the Sanskrit words, "Matsya" ability "fish" plus "asana" skill "posture". This asana is considered as destroyer of all ailments as per the historic common yoga text. It is a hard asana or posture for novices however can be generally practiced in order to grasp it with a lot of perfection. It is one of the huge asana that is typically practiced by means of the superior college students of yoga with lot of interest. You can strive exclusive postures of this yoga for extra advantages and for higher health.

How to do - Follow the following steps in order to entire the Matsyasana or Fish Pose -

Initially lie on your again on the floor with your knees bent and ft on the ground.

Then inhale, sluggish and gradually raise your pelvis off the floor slightly.
Do slide your hands, fingers totally down, simply under your buttocks.

Then totally relaxation your buttocks on the lower back facet of your hands.
Do make certain to tuck your forearms plus elbows up very shut to the each aspects of your torso.

Now inhale plus press firmly your forearms and elbows in opposition to the ground.

Then firmly press your scapulas into your back.

Do inhale and raise your top torso plus head away from the ground.
Then gradual and gradually launch your head again onto the ground.

Largely relying on how very excessive maybe you arch your again plus do elevate your chest with perfection.
There need to be simply minimal weight on your head in order to absolutely keep away from crunching your neck.

Remain in the posture for about 15 to 30 seconds.

Do breathe smoothly.
With sluggish and regular exhalation decrease your head and torso to the ground.

Do draw your thighs up into your stomach plus squeeze.
Anatomical Focus

The anatomical focal point of Matsyasana or Fish Pose are associated to head, neck, shoulders, stomach, waist, hips, legs and hands.

Therapeutic Applications

The therapeutic purposes of Matsyasana or Fish Pose are associated to Constipation, Menstrual pain, Respiratory ailments, Anxiety, Mild backache and Fatigue

Benefits - there are many advantages of Matsyasana or Fish Pose. Few of them are as follows -

It stretches the muscle mass or intercostals and deep hip flexors between the ribs.

It stimulates and stretches the muscle tissues of the belly.

It stretches and stimulates the front of the neck and returned of the neck.
It inspired and stretches the organs of the throat.

It flawlessly strengthens the muscle mass of the top back.

It generally improves posture.

It offers comfort for constipation.

It improves digestion.

It reduces intellectual stress and bodily strain
It helps in balancing the total body.

It relaxes thinking and physique in all aspects.

It assists in strengthening the total physique components with lot of perfection.

It helps in shaping the again posture.
It helps in attention and center of attention in non-public and expert life.
It assists in maintaining the thinking cool.

Contraindications and Cautions

Those who are struggling from High or low blood pressure, insomnia, Migraine and any kind of lower-back or neck harm should not indulge in the exercise of Matsyasana or Fish Pose. A man or woman who is well-versed in the fundamental yoga asanas or postures is solely allowed to indulge in this specific asana.

Beginner's Tip

There are possibilities of novices stress their neck in this posture. This precise state of affairs must be prevented with the aid of them. In case, if you actually sense any variety of pain in your throat or neck then right now both vicinity a thickly folded blanket underneath the again of your head or decrease your chest towards the floor slightly. Beginners must be in any haste to indulge in this unique asana or posture due to the fact it is a difficult pose that want to be carried out below the non-public supervision of your yoga instructor. The novices are particularly cautioned to comply with every and each and every directions or steps given through their yoga professionals or trainer whilst indulging in this unique posture or asana with eager interest.


There are many versions in Matsyasana or Fish Pose. With toes pointed, the legs can area straight on the ground. On the different hand, with toes simply pointed, the legs straight can be sluggish and progressively lifted about 6 inches off the floor as per the relief zone. Moreover the arms can be positioned simply earlier than the coronary heart in the Anjali Mudra with perfection.

Modifications and Props

It is to be incredibly stated that for commencing students, the returned bending role in Matsyasana or Fish pose can be very hard in all aspects. Therefore, they can indulge in this specific asana with their again thoroughly supported on a thickly rolled tender blanket. Do make certain that your head totally rests on the flooring plenty with ease plus your throat is very gentle in this posture. Certain changes and props can be used solely below the non-public supervision of your yoga instructor.


In this asana or posture, a associate can generally aid you get a actual experience for the distinctive kinds of motion of the scapulas. Do make your associate stand flawlessly straddling your pelvis. A associate should then lean over plus suitable unfold hands on your scapulas, firmly urgent them simply in opposition to your returned with lot of perfection. Do additionally make sure that the associate would not pull you a good deal deeper into the returned bend in any conditions and circumstances. The accomplice ought to solely help tightly the scapulas simply towards the returned torso in this precise asana. 

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