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How can kids do yoga at home?



 Hi everyone and welcome to Class Yoga! Solife can feel a bit stressful sometimes but remember there's a lot we can do tohelp ourselves feel better. So grab yourself a mat, if you have, one and we'llget started! Let's start on our knees. Sit backon your knees and start to roll your shoulders back. Let's start to get moving,take a nice big breath in... and out... down Good.

  so youcould try Two..One more big breath..Three.. and unwind again Okay let's come and lie down. You canbring your knees in towards you and then let's reach up for our feet. So thisis our Happy Baby pose can you find your feet there? If your feet feel like they're toofar away maybe you've got really long legs, which is great! Then you could holdon to your legs here Either way we can rock a bit from sideto side - mm-hmm - without toppling over Fun yet relaxing.

 Okay pop your feet backdown to the floor and let's lift our bellies and hips upand into a nice easy bridge, easy is also good Good, then back down, and hug your kneesin towards you, you can take your head all the way up to your knees if thatfeels okay, then back down with your head Let's take our knees all the way over toone side and if you have space there you can stretch your arms out either side oryou could bend your elbows - and again I just like you to take three big longbreaths, just in your own time, notice how it feels to be in this shape, after thosethree breaths we just slowly switch sides, another three breaths and when you're done just come ontoyour back, stretch your legs out, bring your arms down by your side we're gonna do onelast thing before we relax just to squeeze out any last little bit oftension or stressfulness.

 Let's make fists with our hands, point your toesand then tense everything like a rock, as hard as you can - squeeze rock and thenturn to a jelly, relax. Once more - rock - turn to rock.. and relax into a jelly. Let'sstay here hmm Close your eyes and let's start down withour feet and our toes. In your head say I relax my feet and my toes My feet and my toes are relaxed, my legsfeel relaxed My legs are relaxed. I relax my tummyand my back My tummy and my back are relaxed. I relaxmy fingers, my hands and my arms. My fingers, hands and arms are relaxed. I relax my head, my neck and my shoulders My head, my neck and my shoulders arerelaxed. I relax my brain and my mind My brain and my mind are relaxed I feel relaxed. I feel calm. I feel happy. You might like to keep repeating thosethree words relaxed calm and happy or perhaps there's another word, somethingelse you really want to feel or do feel right now.Something good Hmm..make a long sigh out. Now maybe you have the time to stay relaxing for a littlebit longer but otherwise just to start to move a little bit at a time, fingersand toes Gradually a bit more and slowly roll toyour side, and then come up to a seat Well done! Thank you so much for joiningme.

 I really hope you enjoyed that and if you were feeling a bit stressed out Ireally hope that that's helped. So let me know will you? Write me a comment justbelow this video, let me know how you're feeling just now. I'd also love it if youwould give a little thumbs up to this video and subscribe to our channel sothat I can keep sending you more videos. Have a great day and I really lookforward to seeing you next time!

How to do wieight loss with juices therape

How to do wieight loss with juices therape 

 Is mouth watering to ascertain the packed fruit juices available within the market. But the packed fruit juices aren't only expensive but also unhealthy as they're loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners that only increase your calorie count. So today we bring you some easy recipes in order that you'll make these yummy fresh fruit juices reception itself. These homemade fresh fruit juices will assist you reduce , provide nutrition to your body and can also keep your calories on top of things . to organize these juices, you do not need to buy a fruit juicer. If you've got one, you'll use it alternatively you'll use any mixer or a smoothie maker. I even have this chopper during which i will be making these juices.

 For our first recipe, our main ingredient is Watermelon. Watermelon helps cleanse your body and also aids in weight loss. those that are on a coffee fat diet must take watermelons in their diet because it has 92% water content. it's loaded with anti oxidants preventing your skin from ageing. to organize 1 glass of juice, we've taken about 1 bowl of chopped Watermelon. Half to 1 juice 1 Spoon Grated Ginger Pinch of Black Salt Pinch of Black Pepper Blend all the ingredients except lemon. Serve it with ice. Now add juice . This watermelon juice is ready! this may keep your body hyderated all day and can also make your skin glow. For our second recipe, we'll take Muskmelon or Cantaloupe. those that have constipation must include muskmelons in their diet because it features a lot of dietary fiber. It keeps you full for extended and also helps in weight loss. it's almost no fats and is extremely low on calorie, thus helps in weight management. to organize 1 glass juice, we've taken 1 muskmelon and chopped it. additionally , we'll take 1 spoon grated ginger Half juice Pinch of black salt Pinch of black pepper Blend all ingredients except lemon. you'll add water to the present . Serve it with Ice. Now add juice . This muskmelon juice is prepared . If you would like to reduce fast, then have this juice regularly. For our third juice, we'll take Cucumber. It's available in our fridge most the time and it makes for an efficient fat cutter drink. If you would like a flat stomach, then this juice is for you. If you're taking this juice regularly, it can assist you lose fat easily. For 1 glass juice, we'll take 2 cucumbers and chop them. additionally , take 10 Mint Leaves Half juice Pinch of Black Salt Pinch of Black Pepper Blend all ingredients except Lemon. Serve it with Ice. Now add half juice . This Cucumber juice is prepared . Both Cucumber and lemon are low calorie and are loaded with anti oxidants making this drink so effective for weight loss.

 For our next juice, our main ingredient is Papaya. Papaya also has very low calories and good amount of fiber. It helps in weight loss and also cuts belly fat. those that suffer from digestive problems must include Papaya in their daily diet. For 1 glass juice, we'll take about 1 bowl papaya. additionally , squeeze juice of 1 Orange Half juice Pinch of Black Salt and Black Pepper Blend all ingredients except Lemon. you'll add water to the present . Serve it with ice. Add juice . This juice is prepared . This juice will detox your body and make iteven healthier. For our next juice, we'll take calabash . Those you do not relish cooked calabash can take it's benefits during this form. it's tons of water content giving your body a cooling effect and thus making it an excellent drink for summers.

 For 1 glass juice, we've chopped one medium sized calabash . Add 5 Basil Leaves 1 Spoon grated Ginger 5 Mint Leaves Pinch of Black Salt Half juice Pinch of Black Pepper Blend all ingredients except Lemon you'll add water. Serve it with Ice. Now add half a lemon. This calabash juice is prepared . If you've got this nutrition packed juice on an empty stomach, it'll keep you full for extended . of these juices are very easy and quick to organize and that we have used only seasonal fruits that are easily available within the market. Whatever fruits are available in your city, you'll blend them to form such nutritious juices. Just confirm you employ only fresh fruits, not the canned ones. Wash all fruits properly before using them and check out to require maximum enjoy each fruit. Like if you're taking a fresh Watermelon, then don't waste it's peel/rind. you'll chop it's peel and add it in juice alternatively make a dish out of it. Similarly, don't waste the seeds of Muskmelon or Papaya and take it in whatever form you wish . Muskmelon seeds can help detox your body whereas papaya seeds can prevent even Cancer. additionally , you'll add Chia Seeds to any of those juices. those that are taking weight loss diets must take Chia Seeds in their diet, preferably early morning. Since it's good amount of fiber content, it helps in weight loss. Take 1 spoon of Chia Seeds and soak them in 1 bowl of water for half an hour. After half an hour, the seeds will swell and appearance like this. Now mix them in any juice. Chia seeds will make your juice thicker and can also keep you full for extended . Do try these juices and share your feedback with us. If you too have any healthy fruit recipes, then do share within the comments below.

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Health in your hands ACUPRESSURE

Health in your hands ACUPRESSURE

 Welcome. I will tell one thing clearly in the beginning itself. Acupressure alone is not enough to cure diseases. We have to eat NATURAL FOOD along with doing ACUPRESSURE. Pressing alone will cure diseases means there won't be any requirement for medical treatments in the world. If we continue to eat as before without any change and do ACUPRESSURE alone it will look as if the disease is cured. But it will reappear soon. If we combine NATURAL FOOD AND ACUPRESSURE the diseases will get cured soon than being on natural food alone. Further we will get the will power to continue NATURAL FOOD. Like on NATURAL FOOD in ACUPRESSURE also elimination of toxins take place through head ache,, vomit,stomach ache, diarrhea, body pain, tiredness and fever. We have to bear it patiently. What to do when such elimination takes place can be got from the pdf of my book AAROKIYAMAE ANANDHAM WHICH COULD BE downloaded from the description box. Taking ENEMA during these times will give some relief from suffering. How ACUPRESSURE WORKS:If we put the switch at one place the bulb gets lighted at another place. But we can't see the wires which run inside the wall. Similarly, ACUPRESSURE is a small BIO CURRENT which we send through the nerves (like wire) inside the body(wall) to our inner organs. Due to this as the room gets lightened up our inner organs will function well. Like the SWITCHBOARD our INNER PALM, INNER LEGS, EAR AND FACE functions. Although acupressure points are scattered throughout the body they are concentrated more on inner palm, inner legs, ear and face. The FRESHNESS we feel after taking a bath, washing our hands, legs, face or splashing water on our eyes is because these points get stimulated. I am not going to talk about any acupressure point or name of the inner organs. To be easily understandable by everyone the works which we do every day is ACUPRESSURE. For example, churning of curd, making chapathi dough, rolling for chapathies, washing clothes, rinsing the clothes and squeezing them, washing dishes, mobing the floor by hands (using cloth), grinding in AMMI ( A traditional stone used in INDIA for grinding paste), taking water from the well, rubbing both of our hands , clapping our hands are all ACUPRESSURE. Likewise, walking barefooted on a rough ground , walking on sand, rubbing our legs on a ROUGH SURFACED door mat made of coconut husk are all ACUPRESSURE. Those who are unconscious after drowning in water, we may have seen FIRST AID being given to them by rubbing their legs and hands. Moreover, for massage and physiotherapy ACUPRESSURE IS THE BASE. For doing this we need not know about the acupressure points, the inner organs or to read lot of books. we are doing it already without our knowing. PRESS WHERE IT PAINS IS THE BASIC RULE FOR ACUPRESSURE We won't feel pain in those places ordinarily. But, when we PRESS we will feel PAIN. How we can understand this is a wound which is about to heal shortly won't give pain ordinarily. But, if we hit the wound on anything it will pain. Likewise, we won't feel PAIN ordinarily. But, if we PRESS it will PAIN on that place. Some people won't even allow to PRESS and see. The PAIN will be unbearable. It means that the corresponding inner organs is affected more. NO NEED TO PANIC. If we take NATURAL FOOD AND ACUPRESSURE simultaneously we will get relief soon. I will tell in another video how to do acupressure without buying costly products and do this with things easily available in our home itself. If you are interested to know about this in detail there is a book available HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS written by SHRI DEVENDRA VORA. I haven't done any course on acupressure or read more books on the topic. I have read only this one book. THIS BOOK IS WORTH MORE THAN THE MONEY WE PAY FOR IT. I have given some details about this book in my video HOW TO OVERCOME ALCOHOLISM. I have also shown how to give PRESSURE.

                                                                          We can clip like this in our finger tips. It is enough if we keep for 1-2 minutes. Don't keep it continously for long time. The finger tips of our thumb in acupressure represents head. It represents our head portion. If we keep in thumb like this our BRAIN will function well. We can keep it for 1-2 minutes and then RELEASE our finger tips. We should not keep more than that. Similarly we can use cloth clips used for drying clothes. We can use this too similarly. If we feel more pressure or pain we can remove the clips. It is not necessary to keep completely for 2 minutes. If we feel more pressure we can remove. Slightly loose clips will give enough pressure to tolerate. Similarly, we can use used tooth brushes at home. The gap between one finger and the next is called web. We can give acupressure at this web using acupressure. Similarly, we can use for the web in our legs. If we do like this while taking bath our nails will be clean and neat. Like that even if we clap our hands fastly it is also acupressure. All our organs both inner and outer will function well. We can also use coconut oil or any other oil. oil is a medium to massage. We can rub in our hands. We can do like this also in our legs and all parts of our body. We can massage our body on our own. ACUPRESSURE is the base for physiotherapy. We can give pressure like this ourselves. Rub like this till it generates heat in our body. Use left hand for right hand and right hand for left hand Both of our inner palms. Similarly for fingers too. Do like this for fingers. They ALL comes under acupressure. If you want acupressure to REALLY work for you you have to change your food to NATURAL FOOD. NATURAL FOOD means eating COCONUT, BANANA and other fruits RAW as it is. Fruits and other nuts are HUMAN FOOD. COCONUT and BANANA are DIVINE FOOD. If we do acupressure and eating NATURAL FOOD SIMULTANEOUSLY we can see how fast our body regains HEALTH in front of our eyes.

Now we will see how to give ACUPRESSURE to hands and legs. I have already told that acupressure points are concentrated in the area from which we usually wear our watch till the finger tips in our hand and in the legs from this part to the finger tips in the leg. Now, I am going to tell how to give acupressure to our body parts. Without even leaving a small space we have to press and see. We should not leave even a single gap. We have to press and see every space without leaving even the gap between the fingers. You have to check whether you feel any pain in these places differently. Similarly, you have to press in the legs also including the gap between the fingers. Also give pressure to this portion which represents neck in acupressure . check if you feel pain anywhere. Note the portion in which you feel the difference. Make a note of where you feel pain like near which finger print, near which finger etc. In those portions where you feel pain you have to PRESS like this for 25 times before you have your food. Now, I am showing you for only one point. You have to repeat the same for all the portions where you feel pain. If you press like this in places of pain for 25 times before food ALL your inner and outer organs will get strengthened. During this process our body will get purified. Few will require REST while this purification process. During day time REST should only be taken in slanting position in easy chairs. Immediately after SUNSET, REST can be taken in lying position . For example if sunsets at 6.30 PM you can take REST even from 7.30 PM till SUNRISE in the morning. If you take REST like this your body will get healed by ITSELF VERY SOON. You can feel the body bubbling with HEALTH and HAPPINESS. LET PEACE PREVAIL IN THE WORLD.


How to do Suryanamaskar with mantra

Namaskar friends , welcome to sachinguru Blog.  Today we'll mention suryanamaskar( sun sautation). Suryanamaskar may be a group of 12 sequent poses . may be a group of 12 sequent poses . during which first is Pranamasana (Prayer pose) Pranamasana Pranamasana (Prayer pose) during this breathing are going to be normal mantra of this asana is aum mitryaya namaha aum mitryaya namaha method at the time of sun rise face towards sun, face towards sun, substitute attention position in prayer position.

 Bring your palms together ahead of the chest Second pose Hastauttanasana Hastauttanasana (Raised Arms pose) during this inhaling (inhale) lift the arms up and back, mantra of this asana is “aum ravayah namah” “aum ravayah namah” “aum ravayah namah” “aum ravayah namah” from position one take breath keep the biceps on the brink of the ears keeping the biceps on the brink of the ears without bending elbow lift the arms up and back, stop breathing check out the sky third pose padhatasan (Hand to Foot pose) during this while exhaling mantra “aum suryiaya namah” from the pose of second asana breath out bend forward from the waist keeping the spine erect bring the handily to the ground beside the feet. To the ground beside the feet. Attempt to touch the top to the knee confine mind fourth pose wam AshwaSanchal (Equestrian pose) during this take breath mantra “ aum bhanve namah” “ aum bhanve namah” “ aum bhanve namah” after third position push your right leg back as far back as possible. Bring the proper knee to the ground and appearance up the left foot is strictly in between the palms the left foot is strictly in between the palms take breath during this pose keep knee near chest check out the sky fifth Parvata asana (Downward Facing Dog pose) during this breath out mantra of this asana “aum khagaya namah” while exhalation take left leg back keep head between both hands lift the hips and therefore the coccyx up (/\) posture Sixth Ashtanga Namaskara (Salute With Eight Parts Or Points breathing normal mantra of asana “aum pushneh namah” “aum pushneh namah” Gently bring your knees right down to the ground Take the hips back slightly the 2 hands, two feet, two knees, chest and chin (eight parts of the body touch the floor). is named astang asana breathing normal breathing normal Seventh Bhujangasana (Cobra pose) taking breath mantra of asana “aum hirnayagarbhyia namah” “aum hirnayagarbhyia namah” inhale raise the chest up into the Cobra posture. keep hand stright check out the sky during this we go upward while taking breath Eight- Parvata asana (Downward Facing Dog pose) during this breath out mantra of asana “aum marichya namah” exhalation , , lift the hips and therefore the refore the coccyx up chest downwards in an 'inverted V' head between both hand lift the hips and the coccyx up head down.

 This is often same as fifth Ninth Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose) during this take breath mantra of asana aum adityaya namaha aum adityaya namaha after position eight inhaling , bring the proper foot forward in between the 2 hands left knee right down to the ground , press the hips down and appearance up. Place the proper foot exactly between the 2 hands Place the proper foot exactly between the 2 hands knee near chest check out the sky it's same as fourth one it's same as fourth one tenth (Hand to Foot pose) during this breath out mantra of asana “aum savityaya namah” “aum savityaya namah” “aum savityaya namah” after position nine exhalation , bend forward from the waist, keeping the spine erect. As you exhale completely, bring the handily to the ground beside the feet.

Bring the handily to the ground beside the feet. attempt to touch the top to the knee breath out this is often often often same as three Eleventh Hastauttanasana (Raised Arms pose) during this take breath in mantra of this asana is “aum akraya namah” “aum akraya namah” “aum akraya namah” “aum akraya namah” take breath in lift the arms up and take back keeping the biceps on the brink of the ears don't bend elbow keep head between hands check out the sky check out the sky bend backward the maximum amount you'll this is same as second pose Twelfth is Pranamasana (Prayer pose) breathing are going to be normal mantra of asana “ aum bhaskraya namah” aum bhaskraya namah aum bhaskraya namah substitute attention position bring your palms together ahead of the chest in prayer position breathing normal this is same as first one this is same as first one combination of those twelve pose in sequence make a group of suryanamaskar combination of those twelve pose in sequence make a group of suryanamaskar sun salutation may be a complete excercise it gives strength to mind and each a part of body practice it daily within the morning at the time of sun rise it'll remove fatigue , tension and makes mind and body strong Please like our video and subscribe our channel also visit our blog site blog. thanks thanks

How to do Surya Namaskaras


Hi, Welcome to Yoga; You. My name is sachinguru.  Today we are going to touch up on Surya Namaskaras.   Surya Namaskar is one of the most  important components of yoga Practice.  Surya Namaskar is mainly geared  at warming your body up, before you start  the Asana (poses) practice in class. Let me just start by defining what 'Surya Namaskar' means Surya is Sun. Namaskara is Salutation.  So, Surya Namaskar started as a prayer to the Sun.  Surya Namaskar consist of 12 different postures, which you string together. Each of the postures have very different benefits and  the Surya Namaskar as a whole,  gives a phenomenal stretch to the whole body and no other exercises you can compare  to the kind of stretch that Surya Namaskar gives.  Surya Namskara is ideally done on an empty stomach.  and its best done early in the morning or late in the evening just before dinner.   If you have a lower back problem  or High Blood Pressure, please consult with your Doctor  before you start doing the Surya Namaskar.  I have Sindura with me  to help demonstrate the Surya Namaskar.  Like i said, there are 12 different postures  that compose the Surya Namaskar.  I’m going to take you through each of these postures.  Help correct the alignments  and tell you the benefits of each of these postures.

 First make sure you are standing tall.  Your toes are pointing forward.  Your feet are parallel and directly below the hips.  Roll your shoulders back. Your chest is open.  Chin is parallel to the floor.  Look at a point in front of you. Breathe normally.

Position 1: your palms together in front of your chest prayer position.

Position 2: your arms are stretched up.  First take the time to really stretch the arms,  lengthening both sides of the body  and slightly arch back.  Making sure your head always remains in-between your hands.  Your knees are locked.

Position 3: stretch all the way forward.  Try and get you back as flat as possible & come down. Place your palms on either side of your feet  and drop your head down.  In this position make sure your knees are locked  and make sure that all the weight is  evenly distributed on your feet,  so that the weight is not entirely on your heels.  now fingers and toes in on straight line.  and now take the right leg all the way back to

position 4. Your knees on the mat.  Your foot is flat. Your hip is down.  Your chin is up. Your chest is open.

Position 5: take the other leg back in to a straight line. Your shoulder, your wrist in one line. Your neck is in line with your spine.  Your feet are together. Your heels are together.

Position 6: drop the knees down.  Allow the hips to stay up. Bring the chest and chin down.  Elbows are close to the body and chin is on the mat.  Alternatively, you can also place   your forehead on the mat instead of the chin. Whichever you find comfortable.

Now, 7  slide the chest forward through your hands.  Chin up.  The minute you do that, you flatten your feet  to protect the lower back, bring the heels together. Your inner thighs are squeezed together.  Your glutes are active.  Your back is slightly arched. Your chest is open.

Position 8: tuck the toes.  Lift your hips up, in to the inverted 'V'. In the inverted 'V' your hips are up,  your knees are locked.  Your heels should try and reach the ground.  But that’s not essential.  It depends from person to person.  Your head is in-between your hands Top of the head trying to reach the mat.  Your chest trying to come towards the thighs.

Position 9: bring the same right leg which you took back,  all the way forward. Place the chin up. Knee down. foot flat. now in this position one of the most important things to remember is that  your knee and ankle are in one straight line. Sometime the knee goes all the way forward.  this places a lot of stress to the knee.  So always make sure the knee and ankle are in one line.  Your palms are flat.  Now bring the other leg forward and stretch all the way down. Drop your head down.

Position 11: Stretch your arms forward  and come back up and arch,  head in-between your hands.

Position 12: both palms by the side of your body and relax.  So, one round of Surya Namaskar  comprises of these 12 postures  done entirely on the right side and on the left side.  We’ve just finished the right side.  We’ll go through the left side once again.

  1. palms together

 2. Arch

 3. Stretch all the way forward and come down

 4. Left leg back, Chin up, Hip down

 5. Come in to a straight line

 6. Drop the knees, chest, and chin

 7. Slide the body forward and arch Make sure the heels are together.

 8. Tuck the toes. Coming in to the inverted 'V'

 9. Bring the left leg all the way forward.  Chin up.

10. Bring the other leg forward. Stretching down.

 11. Stretch forward and arch and

 12. Hands by the side of your body.

I hope you enjoyed watching the show on Surya Namaskaras.  The Surya Namaskar is a very powerful practice  and there is tremendous benefits in doing this Surya Namaskar.  But, if you do the Surya Namaskar with bad alignment, bad posture, the same Surya Namaskar can also be very harmful to your body.  So, make sure, watch this episode carefully,  make sure, you make all the alignment corrections I just made on Sindura  and do the Surya Namaskar Right.  in the next show, I’m going to talk about,  Surya Namaskar and Breathing  and I’m going to show you  how to breathe through the Surya Namaskar... taking your practice to the next level. 


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How to do Markatasana


 Namaskaram (Hello), I'm sachinguru, and today we'll learn exercise for back pain, which is called 'Markatasana' (Spinal Twist pose). The Spinal twist is suitable for everyone, whether he is a child, a young adult or an aged person. At any age, I've seen that someone or the other suffers from back pain at some point of time in life. There won't be anybody who has never faced back pain Otherwise also in yoga the importance that our spine has, nothing else has that much of importance. In your daily exercise routine, if you practice this Spinal Twist Pose even for 5-7 minutes, At last, after doing all other exercises And then lie down in the corpse pose then you'll feel very light and fresh all day long. This is such a wonderful exercise. Many times people get some jerk in the back and doctors suggest that it's a slip disk problem Or at times you would have noticed that pulling weight, wrong sitting habits, or some other wrong habit may lead to back muscles pull. Be it any type of pain or even if doctors have recommended complete bed rest, in which the person is not able to walk a bit, not even to pick a glass of water. Such people can also practice Spinal Twist Pose. This is so effective & suits to everyone.

For your information, we have divided it into two parts First is dynamic version (Gatimaya), which means doing it speedily. If we do something fastly, without pausing then we call it 'Gatimaya' in Hindi and in English we call it Dynamic version. Version refers to an aspect of something. Though this is the same pose but when we practice this in speed then it becomes Dynamic version. If we do this pose with pauses, then this called 'static version' in English and 'Sthir' in Hindi 'Sthir' means doing something by taking pauses in between. Let me first give you an overview of this pose. So that you can understand that who has to do it in static version and who should do it in dynamic version.

 Dynamic version is for the people whose body got stiff because of prolonged lying and who do not do much of the physical work, due to which their body got stiffed. Those who get tired after sitting for long & their body gets stiff or if someone wants to unwind the jammed body in all such situations, the Dynamic version is to be done. Sometimes Doctor suggests you not to walk at all because of some gap or displacement in the bone or at times I've seen people having severe back pain In such a painful situation, don't do it fast, then you need to do the Static version. For Static version, give a minimum pause for 10 seconds gradually increase the pause for 15-20 seconds, and you can pause up to 30 seconds in one position. I want to clear this at the beginning itself the longer you'll pause, the more it will benefit & give you relaxation also. The faster you'll change the positions, the less relief you'll get in pain.

 That's why you need to start the pose by breathing in & release the pose by breathing out. and for the duration you pause in a posture, you need to hold your breath also. If you have high BP or heart problem or if your lungs are weak, & you have deficiency of oxygen in your body then even if you don't hold your breath, it's okay. This was the overview of the Spinal twist pose. Now let me tell you, Spinal twist has 7 poses. we've divided it into two parts. The reason for dividing in two parts is that one part is to be done in the condition of pain, that means when your back has a problem, in such a condition the first part is to be done.

 When you start recovering After 1-2 weeks or 3-4 weeks, whenever you feel that you have got relief from pain and now you need to strengthen your back ; body so that the pain doesn't reoccury back 's condition improves. Then after that, you can do all 7 poses together. So without further delay, let's learn how to do it. First of all spread a mat on the ground or if lying on the ground is not allowed then you can lie on your bed or on some other mattress inside the room or anywhere else. For this pose, there is no restriction of doing an empty stomach only. If you have taken food 1/1.5 hours ago then also you can do this, because there are no hazards of doing so. If you do it on an empty stomach then nothing like this. But if you have pain then do this at least 3-4 times a day, i.e. morning, afternoon, evening and at night before sleeping. You’ll have to do it at least 3-4 times a day then only you’ll get relief from pain. Though, if you just want to keep your back healthy then doing it once in the morning with Yoga is sufficient but in the pain, this is necessary to do 3-4 times a day.

 So lets do it. First of all, lie down on your back. Spread your arms open on each side like this. Neither too upwards nor too downwards. Keep it perpendicular to your body i.e. open your arms at a 90 degrees angle. Join your legs and place your feet like this so that your ankles touch the hips. If you have very much problem in touching the hips then it’s a different case but if you can do it then touch. Open up your arms like this & keep the neck straight. For the first pose, take a deep breath,Twist your legs towards the left side & neck towards right. Make sure the shoulder doesn’t rise up. Both shoulders should stay on the ground. Elbows should also touch the ground and neck should be opposite to legs. Similarly heels, toes, ankles & knees of both the legs should touch each other.

inhaled while twisting, so exhale while coming back to the initial position. Then again inhale & twist in the opposite direction (Legs to the right and neck towards left). Hold for some time. Exhale & return. Inhale and twist legs to the left. This is the first pose of Spinal twist. In the first pose, you need to keep your legs together. In the second pose, make a gap between the legs. Take care that your heels should not go beyond your hips. Keep your heels at a distance equal to your hips width. So, spread your legs. Place your hands again in the same position. Take a deep breath (twist legs towards left & neck towards right) (Hold for some time). Exhale & return to the initial position. If you don’t have the strength to hold the breath because of a heart or high BP problem then don’t hold it. Take a deep breath (twist legs towards right & neck towards left) (Hold for some time) Exhale & return to the initial position. Do like this alternatively right & left and neck in the opposite direction. This is the second pose of Spinal twist. Now let’s see the third pose of Spinal twist. In this you need to fold one leg from the knee & keep the other straight. Keep the hand at the same place. Inhale and twist legs left & neck right. (Hold this position for some time) (Exhale & return to initial position.) Then change the leg and twist in the other direction like this. These are the 3 poses of the spinal twist. Now, let’s do the fourth pose of the Spinal twist. For this, keep your legs straight & cross your legs such that the right foot is on the left. Open up your arms again. Inhale & twist left with neck in the opposite direction. While doing spinal twist, some people raise their body like this. Don’t do this. You need to do it without raising your body, like this. Exhale while coming back to initial position. Again Inhale & twist in the other direction. Hold for some time. Exhale 
Yinitial position. Between the Inhaling you can pause for 10-20 seconds or even up to half a minute. More you hold, the more relief you’ll get & the faster your pain will be cured. Do it 10-15 times then cross your legs the other way. Inhale & twist Give 3-4 minutes to each pose. So, for the 4 poses that I mentioned, if you give 3 minutes to each pose then it will become 12 minutes. After doing it for 12 minutes you’ll feel very fresh. Like I told, if you are healthy & your back doesn’t have any problem & you want to do it for the fitness purpose or if your back is stiff because of non-movement then you can do it fast also i.e. Dynamic version. For the Dynamic version, you need to take care that this is to be done before practicing the static version. You need to do it slowly after doing it fastly. So, let’s do it & see how to do the Dynamic version. (Twist to one direction & to the other without any pauses.) Keep taking the breath regularly. You can inhale & exhale as per your convenience. Like this. You need to do these first & then the static version. But if you have pain then don’t practice the Dynamic version.

Tfexercises are called ‘Gatimay’ exercises.‘Gatimay’ means doing something speedily. Don’t do these for more than 1 minute in each pose, if you are practicing the Dynamic version. For the static version, give 3-4 minutes to each pose. If you’ll practice each pose for 15-20 times (Static Version), then only it’ll benefit, not less than this. If you do even more than this, it is even better. You need to do it 3-4 times a day. So, these are two poses of the Dynamic version. For the third pose, keep one leg straight & other bent from the knee like this. Keep interchanging legs while twisting. Then cross your legs like this & twist. I am mentioning again, those who have back pain shouldn’t practice this fast. They need to do it slowly. After getting completely cured then if they want they can do it fast. So, these exercises that I told you today, will rejuvenate your back again. Whatever problem you have, you can get rid of all the back problems. In the next session, I’ll tell you about the next 3 poses of the Spinal twist which are to be done after you get cured from the pain & you want to prevent its recurrence, and your back gets stronger. In this case, which poses should be done. I’ll tell you in the next video about these poses. I’ll name that video (somewhat related to) 'Rest 3 poses of Spinal Twist'. These 4 poses are to be done during pain. And those 3 are to be done later to keep your back healthy.  Namaskaram (Goodbye). Become a vegetarian! This will give the boon of life to those innocent animals also.

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